Water Balloons with Hose Nozzle

Water Balloons with Hose Nozzle


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What could be more fun on a lovely hot day than messing about with 125 water balloons? You’ll have a ton of fun with these multi-coloured water balloons which are perfect for adding extra-fun to a pool party or trampoline game. Or, just enjoy watching them splatter next to your friends. Self-tying balloons The water balloons are so easy to use, thanks to a brand-new design. All you have to do is fill each balloon with water using the hose nozzle (provided) and the self-sealing balloon means you don’t even have to tie them. The magic inside This is how it works: Inside each water balloon is a special foam ball which soaks up all the water, giving them a nice, round shape. Then the balloon seals itself at the end because the foam ball blocks the opening, making a perfect water balloon. Even young children can fill up these balloons and have fun in seconds. The balloons can also be squeezed to make jets of water shoot out, like a water gun. Extra fun for everyone. Just make sure you have a towel or two close at hand. Environment The water balloons are made of biodegradable natural latex, so there’s no need to worry about environment and landfill issues. You can just get on with enjoying yourselves.