Staycation Ideas: Exciting Vacation Ideas for Your Home City

Staycation Ideas: Exciting Vacation Ideas for Your Home City


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ABOUT THE BOOKStaycations may not be a new concept, but they are quickly becoming a trendy alternative to spending time off work in hotels, cabins or on the road. A staycation, at the heart, is a vacation held in your home. You may indulge in restaurant fare, visit local tourist attractions or simply lounge around resting and reading books, but you do it in the comfort of your own house.Thousands of American families are giving up on the idea of driving or flying to faraway locations to take their annual vacation. Between busy family schedules and the state of the economy, more and more families are opting to spend their time off work at home, exploring the sites nearby and simply relaxing in their own house and yard. While economics is the main reason many of these families opt for a staycation, you save a number of other things by staying home instead of going on the road.Physically, it may be more comfortable to spend your vacation time at home. You can sleep in your own bed, cook your own food or eat at familiar restaurants and avoid the germs from thousands of people who you might otherwise meet at a crowded vacation spot.EXCERPT FROM THE BOOKEvery time you travel on vacation, your carbon footprint increases dramatically. Using transportation often can’t be helped during your average work week, but you can completely avoid having a damaging impact on the environment while on vacation by indulging in a staycation instead of going out-of-town. Restricting travel reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as fuel consumption, two critical areas where environmentalists are concerned.Carbon Dioxide EmissionsDriving a car adds to the excess carbon dioxide in the air, adding to the greenhouse effect. Every time you make an unnecessary trip in your car, you’re damaging the environment when you didn’t need to. If the emissions from automobile exhaust are bad, airplane trips are even worse. According to a study by The Babcock School, the average airplane gives off one pound of carbon dioxide per mile for every passenger on board. When you consider the hundreds of miles each plane flies and the hundreds of passengers in the average commercial flight, you can begin to see the problem with unneeded plane flights going across the country every single day…Buy a copy to keep reading!