Regulators Gone Wild : How the EPA is Ruining American Industry

Regulators Gone Wild : How the EPA is Ruining American Industry


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Rich Trzupek has spent over 25 years engaged in combat with the environmental movement on the front lines, helping Americas industrial sector defend itself against the increasingly aggressive tactics that environmental advocacy groups and their allies in the Environmental Protection Agency employ. In Regulators Gone Wild Trzupek lays out the inside story that describes the way the green/big government alliance has combined to stifle American productivity and hamstring American innovation, not by design, but as the inevitable consequence of pursuing a utopian vision of environmental purity that can never, ever be realized.As a respected scientist and consultant, Rich Trzupek has been employed by some of Americas largest corporations and by some of its smallest, most innovative entrepreneurs. Those experiences have provided him with a unique perspective. While many of his colleagues in the industrial consulting community only consider the short-term profit opportunities that an overly aggressive EPA provides them, Trzupek takes a longer view. If the EPA continues to hamstring Americas ability to create wealth, everyone loses.When it comes to todays environmental issues, most of the publics attention is focused on the issue of climate change and initiatives to reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. As a climate change skeptic, Trzupek argues against these measures, but he sees the rise of this issue as another inevitable step in a progression that spans four decades during which the green movement has continually sought new ways to control industry and the EPA has always happily obliged them. Attempts to restrict Americas use of cheap, plentiful coal and stop oil exploration are just the latest examples of regulators gone wild.