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Potting Shed


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The Potting Shed from Shaws for Sheds has been designed to provide you with the perfect environment for giving your seeds and saplings a helping hand in life. Featuring a light and open design, the Potting Shed allows maximum light to illuminate the Potting Shed helping your plants grow. Available in a variety of sizes with the option of 2 different door positions you will be able to tailor this Potting Shed to best suit you. Perspex windows Stable door Small opening window to allow for ventilation 2 different door positions (1 & 5) Lock and Key Potting Bench Dimensions: 6′ x 6′: 1.82m (W) x 1.82m (D) x 2.14m (H) 8′ x 6′: 2.43m (W) x 1.82m (D) x 2.14m (H) 8′ x 8′: 2.43m (W) x 2.43m (D) x 2.14m (H) 10′ x 6′: 3.04m (W) x 1.82m (D) x 2.14m (H) 10′ x 8′: 3.04m (W) x 2.43m (D) x 2.14m (H)