Piv And Water Waves

Piv And Water Waves


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This volume introduces particle image velocimetry (PIV), a technique for water wave measurement in the laboratory and in the open ocean. It discusses the turbulent dissipation, Reynolds stresses and vortical structures in boundary layers of the sea bed, as well as ships, ship wakes, propulsion hydrodynamics, cavitation and free surface waves. Upwelling behind crests of micro-breaking ocean surface waves (important for the exchange of greenhouse gases between air and water) and large amplitude internal solitons in the ocean are measured. The book includes velocities and accelerations in breaking ocean waves, run-up, interaction between strong waves and breakwaters, as well as a concise description of the state-of-the-art PIV technique.This book has its origins in a meeting on PIV and water waves which was held in Cambridge in 2002. The main body of the book consists of six overview or in-depth articles by invited authors who are specialists in their respective fields, as well as practitioners of PIV. A complete set of abstracts from the meeting is enclosed. The book is well suited for scientists who want to acquaint themselves with current experimental hydrodynamics, as well as for researchers and graduate students who are already working in the field or plan to do so.Contents:Quantitative Imaging Techniques and Their Application to Wavy Flows (J K Sveen & E A Cowen)PIV Measurements in the Bottom Boundary Layer of the Coastal Ocean (W A M N Smith et al.)Water Wave Induced Boundary Layer Flows Above a Ripple Bed (P L-F Liu et al.)Ship Velocity Fields (J Longo et al.)The Air-Water Interface: Turbulence and Scalar Exchange (S Banerjee & S Maclntyre)Internal Wave Fields Analyzed by Imaging Velocimetry (J Grue)Wave Breaking, Surface Motion, Surf Zone, Air-Sea Interaction and Wind WavesPIV Methods, Boundary Layer Flows and TurbulenceBreakwaters and Internal WavesReadership: Graduate students, researchers and practitioners in ocean and environmental engineering as well as fluid mechanics.