Forest Garden Thyme Kid's Kabin

Forest Garden Thyme Kid’s Kabin


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A taller than standard garden retreat to entertain and inspire children of all ages. A wonderful space to inspire children to play and learn creatively, year after year. Larger than usual 25 square foot area and over 6 foot apex height is big enough for a wide range of play and learning activities. With its generous size and high build quality this playhouse will keep drawing children outside for many years as they grow and find different uses. Front and side styrene windows with traditional square grilles designed for safety and plenty of natural light. Child-safe split stable door for flexibility and fun. Tall 193cm (6ft 4inch) apex and 132cm (4 foot 4 inches) door height enables children of all ages to stand inside unhindered. Pressure treated 12mm Tongue and Groove wall cladding is weather resistant, ready to use without additional treatment and guaranteed for 15 years against rot. Solid construction includes thick-section (18mm) solid timber-boarded floor and roof. Planed timber edges and rounded corners for a smooth and safe finish. Scalloped barge boards sold separately. Supplied unpainted.