East Wickham and Welling 1894

East Wickham and Welling 1894


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East Wickham and Welling in 1894 in a fascinating series of reproductions of old Ordnance Survey plans in the Alan Godfrey Editions, ideal for anyone interested in the history of their neighbourhood or family. Two versions have been published for this area to show how it developed across the years. The two maps are from different series, for Kent and for London, and so the sheetlines are somewhat different. The very early Kent series map, the 1862 version, includes the village centres of both East Wickham and Welling on the one map. The area was still quite rural, and the railway had not arrived. Only along the Dover Road at Welling and Bell Grove is there any sign of development. The map also includes directories for both villages. This 1894 map (ref. no. London 108) is centred on East Wickham, still a rural village, and shows St Michael`s church, the Duchess of Edinburgh pub, several greenhouses and a scattering of farms and houses. Welling station is at the foot of the map, which extends northward to Plumstead Cemetery and Woolwich Cemetery, and westward to Shoulder of Mutton Green. Since the map does not include the centre of Welling, a section of the adjacent and contemporary Kent map is on the reverse to extend the coverage to the area near Welling station, including Welling village and Bell Grove with a stretch of the Dover Road. There are also street directory entries for Welling, East Wickham Lane and a few other roads. About the Alan Godfrey Editions of the 25″ OS SeriesSelected towns in Great Britain and Ireland are covered by maps showing the extent of urban development in the last decades of the 19th and early 20th century. The plans have been taken from the Ordnance Survey mapping and reprinted at about 15 inches to one mile (1:4,340). On the reverse most maps have historical notes and many also include extracts from contemporary directories. Most maps cover about one mile (1.6kms) north/south, one and a half miles (2.4kms) across; adjoining sheets can be combined to provide wider coverage.FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL AVAILABLE TITLES PLEASE CLICK ON THE SERIES LINK.