DeWalt 240V DW682K Biscuit Jointer 600 Watt

DeWalt 240V DW682K Biscuit Jointer 600 Watt


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The DW682K biscuit jointer features an adjustable front fence that can be angled and locked anywhere from 0 to 90° and the rack & pinion control provides precise vertical adjustments. The Jointer has pre-set cutting depths for 0,10 and 20 biscuit sizes that can be further adjusted for ultimate accuracy. The versatility of the tool is increased by the ability to makes grooves of depth up to 20mm. Other useful features include anti-slide grippers, 8 guiding notches, a fence window and a spindle lock mechanism for quick and easy blade changes. Also available is the Biscuit Jointer Blade for this machine at an amazing discounted price! See: DT1306 Extreme Biscuit Blade