Courgette Plants - F1 Partenon

Courgette Plants – F1 Partenon


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Courgette Plants – F1 PartenonProduce irresistible courgettes from your very own patio!Our range of courgette plants F1 Patenon will allow anyone to grow their own courgettes from the comfort of their own home. Our F1 Partenon, when grown correctly will crop bumper harvests no matter how small your garden or patio. Allows any gardener to grow their own!Needs no insects for pollination, so you’ll always get a good crop of tasty, dark green fruits! Harvesting from July to October, courgettes are the perfect addition to any summer BBQ picked from your very own garden.This courgette plant can be grown on a patio, containers or borders, a must-have for any keen vegetable grower.