Coffee Making Workshops Oxfordshire

Coffee Making Workshops Oxfordshire


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On these coffee making courses in Oxfordshire the love of coffee certainly runs deep! This artisan coffee roastery opens its doors to welcome you into the wonderful world of coffee beans and making great coffee for a selection of fascinating afternoon workshops. Emily started her coffee business in 2015. After many years heading up leading coffee chains and cafes she decided it was time to go back to basics. As a coffee lover with a conscience Emily firmly believes that sustainability in coffee from sourcing to serving is possible. A good cup of coffee is perfectly capable of supporting coffee bean producing communities when the process is approached in the right way. You could call it green coffee making. We just call it a really good coffee with its heart in the right place. Part of the ethos of the business is to impart all that knowledge experience and skill to coffee lovers like you. Emily and her dedicated team of coffee roasters baristas and business-savvy helpers offer a range of coffee workshops to give you an insight into the world of coffee. The Roasting course delves deep into the origins of coffee sourcing beans how they are roasted in the in-house roastery and how they taste once made into a cup of coffee. The Home Barista course is all about extraction pouring and latte art. This is the one that’ll teach you a few barista tricks to impress your friends with next time you’re hosting a dinner party or a morning coffee meet. For those who want in-depth knowledge of how which beans you choose can alter the taste of coffee (a bit like different grape varieties making very different wine) we can highly recommend the Home Brewing workshop. If you don’t know your Arabica from your Robusta this session will teach you all that and a whole lot more about the humble coffee bean. We think this eclectic collection of educational and very tasty coffee making courses in Oxfordshire will enlighten inform and delight any coffee lover. An afternoon spent at this rural roastery on a farm between Oxford and Reading is sure to satisfy all your coffee desires!