Chilli Pepper Plant - Pearls

Chilli Pepper Plant – Pearls


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Chilli Pepper Plant – PearlsThe unusual small variety of chilli pepper with a mild kick of heat.Chilli pepper ‘Pearls’ are a small unusual ‘beaked’ chilli pepper. This delicate chilli pepper plant will yield an abundance of delightful bright fruits. These small tear-shaped chillies originate from South America. This red-skinned fruit is quite a find, much rarer than the standard yellow-skinned Pearl, making it a talking point for any gardener.Harvesting throughout the summer, chilli ‘Pearl’s are the ideal addition to salads or reduced for sauces. They will release a fruity aromatic flavour with a mild kick of heat. It’s also a very popular variety of pepper to pickle!Bring the taste of South America to your very own home, a talking point and a must-have for any keen chilli enthusiast.Caring for your Chilli PearlsYour chilli plant will perform best in a greenhouse but will produce a good crop in a sunny sheltered location outdoors. It is important that you give it time to adjust to its new environment. Check the compost is moist and if required leave the plant to soak in approximately 5mm water for 5-10 minutes or until the top of the compost is damp. Stand the plant in a warm, light, airy place such as a windowsill or conservatory and allow to grow, ensuring that the compost is kept moist.Click here, to find out more about ‘Growing Your Chilli Plant’.