960 Copper Glow LED Cluster Christmas Lights (13.9m Lit Length)

960 Copper Glow LED Cluster Christmas Lights (13.9m Lit Length)


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These The Winter Workshop – Megabrights – 960 Copper Glow LED Cluster Christmas Lights would make a perfect addition to any area including Christmas trees, bushes, banisters, gutters, mantelpieces, doorframes & windowsills. As our brightest range of LED lights ever, these Megabrights Cluster Lights are ideal for a fuller, more impactful look on your tree or other chosen area and offer 4 x as many lights per metre as regular lights. The 960 LEDs equate to a 13.9m lit length, plus there is a 10m lead cable which allows you to easily reach your nearest plug socket. These lights can be used indoors or outdoors and we recommend ensuring your lights are protected by a suitably covered outdoor socket or, preferably, an indoor socket. These mains operated lights are multi-functional and offer 8 different multi-function settings including: Static, Twinkle, Fade, Chasing, Glow, Sequential, Waves, and Combination. This allows you to flick between settings or choose your favourite setting for the Christmas period. Additionally, these lights come with a useful timer function which allows you to set your lights up to come on at the same time every day. The timer will see your lights come on for 8 hours and turn off for 16 hours per day. Not only do these brilliant lights allow for a timer function and 8 multi-functions settings but they also have a super memory function which means that when you switch the lights off at the mains plug they will still remember your timer settings and desired multi-function settings. This means you will not have to reset your lights every tme you switch your main plug off. These lights use Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs and are perfect for Christmas purposes. Product Features:960 LEDsSuper Memory Function8 Multi Function Settings8HRS on 16HRS off Timer Function10m Lead Cable13.9m Lit LengthMains OperatedEnergy-Efficient LED BulbsMultipurpose Use