7ft Premium Snowy Grand Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft Premium Snowy Grand Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


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The 7ft Premium Snowy Grand Fir Artificial Christmas Tree is the perfect artificial tree for any grand hallway or large front room. At 7ft tall this tree is an ideal height that provides plenty of room for decorations.This tree features a 3-part hinged design which offers much easier assembly and dis-assembly over a hooked design. Simply connect the base and pole, unfold the branches and re-position them to your liking.Created using PVC and PE mixed branches this tree looks incredibly realistic as well as being easy to shape how you see fit. The 1808 branch tips are pre-decorated with a flocked snowy finish, ready for you to add lights and baubles.Please do be aware that the fake snow may be toxic to your pets, so be sure to keep your furry friends away from your tree or consider a non-flocked alternative. This tree comes with a foldable metal base which will support your tree and keep it standing upright.This tree can be used indoors or outdoors. Please note: if using outdoors you may experience some oxidisation of any exposed metal parts. However, this should have no effect on the product’s durability or expected lifespan.With its great full, bushy branches, you will have plenty of room to decorate your tree our recommended decoration numbers are: 3ft tree = 60 items, 4ft tree = 90 items, 5ft tree = 120 items, 6ft tree = 160 items, 7ft tree = 200 items, 8ft tree = 300 items, 10ft tree = 400 items.This tree has experienced 45 minutes of ‘fluffing’ which we recommend to get your tree to look it’s best. Your tree will NOT look as full as this when it is first removed from the box and will require fluffing to achieve this look. For advice on fluffing please read our helpful blog post here.Product Features:7ft1808 Branch TipsPVC/PE Mix BranchesFlocked FinishFlame Retardant BranchesFoldable Stand IncludedCollapsible Hinged BranchesEasy to AssembleIndoor & Outdoor Use